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 Post subject: Remembering how to stay behind the ball at release
 Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:53 pm Post Number: #1 Post

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For some backstory - I started bowling back in August after a 12 year break. Quickly fell completely back into it, grabbed a new ball, joined a league that had vacant spots, and I've been trying to improve while not re-learning (or picking up) bad habits. I've always been a relatively speed-dominant bowler, and back when I learned everything was all about lift. While I don't want super high revs, the motion I'm getting right now is much straighter and I'm struggling to bring the ball back as much as I used to. Compared to how I used to bowl I have a slightly higher speed:rev ratio, and as such I'm playing a much further inside line than I'm used to.

I've been reading and studying the modern release a lot, and trying to incorporate it into my game, but muscle memory is hard to change. I don't know the specific stats on how I was bowling before, but I was a little more balanced and I'm looking to get that back. I'm currently measuring about 18-18.5 mph on the monitors (qubica setup, I suspect this is measured at pin deck as most people I bowl with come in around 15-17) with about 325 rpm (this is a slightly high estimate, I need a better video to calculate it off of). In the videos of my form I've been reviewing I've got no hand behind the ball at all at release time even though I feel like I'm staying behind it.

So far I've been trying some foul-line and one-step approach drills to get the feeling of having a cupped wrist as I go into the release, but when I put it all together I go back to having a weak wrist. I have seen a coach for one session about 2 weeks ago, and he gave me a good amount of things to work on with my approach, most of which I've accompanied into my game. When I've seen him at the alley since, he's mentioned that I'm muscling the ball (hence the high speed) and have no hand on it. I really don't feel like I'm muscling it so any tips for working on this would be great.

Tl;dr: Looking to not be quite so speed dominant. Drills to try to reduce speed a little and help stay behind the ball would be great, as would be any other critique of my form!

I can provide some slow motion videos and/or ones that focus on my release a little closer if that would help but for now, here's the standard back view and side view.

For the majority of my bowling since returning I've been using an Ebonite Affinity. I picked up a Verdict a couple of weeks ago to help when they lay fresh oil right before league (about 50/50 chance of that), but I'm not terribly comfortable with it yet.

Rear view:

Side view:

EDIT: Editing to address spr3wr's response. Thank you for the tips and comparisons! Going to get in some practice this weekend and try some of this out. I'm about 6'3". Part of the reason I've been trying to cup my wrist earlier is I think just a reaction to muscle memory. I'll work on being more cognizant during the downswing and cup later & try bending my elbow a bit.

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 Post subject: Re: Remembering how to stay behind the ball at release
 Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 3:42 pm Post Number: #2 Post
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To answer some of your questions.
As you can see in the pic you are behind the ball. ... sort=3&o=0

Keep doing the foul line and 1 step drills they will help. Remember Rome wasn't build in a day.

Looks like your leaning back too much for my liking at the release point.Try to lean forward a little more this will keep the fingers in the ball longer. ... sort=3&o=0

Most pros bend the elbow during the down swing to help get under/cup the ball. ... sort=3&o=1

Then straighten out the elbow and uncup the wrist. ... sort=3&o=0

Don't cup the ball at the top of your swing wait until the downswing to cup it. It's difficult to keep your wrist cupped that long.

Doesn't look like your muscling the shot. How tall are you?
Ways to slow down the shot. You could start the ball in a lower position and or look closer towards the foul line when targeting . ... sort=3&o=0

Rear view:

Side view: [/quote]

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