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Need help staying behind ball/below equator (ADDED SIDE VIEW

Posted: November 8th, 2017, 5:21 pm
by cwolf93
I would like to transform my swing into something more modern but can't figure out the best way to go about it. I would like to have my hand be below the equator and more in the middle of the ball right before the release point. Does anyone have advice on how I can accomplish this or any other advice for me?

I apologize for not getting the side angle as well. I was unable to at this time due to league play.

Edit: Here is a side view of my shot. I'm sorry it's in slow motion. I think this view confirms all of the advice about finishing position, it also make my arm bend look worse.


Another thing I noticed, how big of a problem is it that the ball doesn't become parallel until my third step? My timing seems somewhat close at the finish but maybe the late start contributes to the problems?

Re: Need help staying behind ball/below equator

Posted: November 8th, 2017, 5:57 pm
by kajmk
Cwolf, I've not followed your original thread, so this may be redundant.
Submitted in an effort to help.
Caveat, I'm not an active coach, not using a PC where I can zoom in or slow motion view.
Hopefully others with better powers of observation and skills will reply.

First, there is more involved than just the hand position and motion.
Yes, the side view is important too.

Look at the article by Jim Merrell on the wiki. ... f_the_ball" onclick=";return false;

Keeping in mind that the positioning of all of the fingers on the hand do fine tune the ball roll, note the index finger on some of the still photos on Jim's article.

Things that you do or do not do, well before your release will impact release quality and consistency. That is one reason why simply doing release drills are not a panacea.
Hence the need for side and back views. I'm all for drills at the right time.

Taking the advice of Mark Baker, the release is like the center of a jigsaw puzzle.
Look at the comments on Bakers methods here
viewtopic.php?p=103892#p103892" onclick=";return false;

Look at the videos on the wiki.

Tidbits, your trailing foot position is not helping you.
Look at Kelly's photos ... ntinuation" onclick=";return false;

Looks like unneeded or premature bending of your arm ...
Posture at foul line, note Kelly or Doug Kent on wiki, you appear to be too upright and stiff legged at the foul line. (toe, knee, chin, see Kelly and Doug)

Note what most pros do with their trail foot.

Working 1:1 with an instructor is a good investment.

Remember that power without accuracy hurts you more than the pins.

Far too many bowlers place their focus on the release, when they have more important issues to be resolved. Believe me, I've been there !


Re: Need help staying behind ball/below equator

Posted: November 9th, 2017, 1:29 am
by TonyPR
Yes, like kajmk said, you need to get into a position that allows for better leverage, left knee bend and better use of the trail leg and balance arm will help you counter the weight of the ball. Look at the finish position of pros like Chris Barnes and you will see what I mean. Practice your finish position in front of a mirror and do it so that you end up with the ball under your head at release. In fact, it is ideal that the ball remains in a line under your head and elbow all the way from address to release. To prevent early rotation stand left and practice (not for score) rolling back up balls. Don't be satisfied until you can consistently hook the ball from left to right, this will teach you to get a feel for keeping the ball side elbow tucked in. From a backup release to a modern up the back release the only step missing is a small breaking of the wrist from a strong position to an uncupped position, do not try to force it, the ball will break your wrist at just the correct time, relax your hand and don't grip. A propper fitting ball is essential to learn to let the ball let go of you and not the other way around. Hope this helps, good luck!

Re: Need help staying behind ball/below equator

Posted: November 9th, 2017, 4:03 am
by kajmk
Good to read your advice Tony.
Hoping things are improving for you and the rest of the people in Puerto Rico.
Best wishes for a return to normalcy.