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 Post subject: Suggestions for my son
 Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:35 pm Post Number: #1 Post

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He is currently working on keeping his off arm below shoulder height and not coming around the ball during the release.

Back view

Side view

I can provide a front view as well.

Thanks in advance.

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 Post subject: Re: Suggestions for my son
 Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:11 am Post Number: #2 Post
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Ok, he looks good. One drill I learned from Del Warren at Kegel to help keep the balance arm down is to have him hold something like a very light dumbell or rubber ball, something about 1-2 lbs maybe, with his balance arm hand. Have him do a few full approaches without his bowling ball focusing on keeping the balance arm down. After he feels comfortable doing this have him bowl with his ball (never for score) with the weight in his balance arm hand. The weight will consciously teach him to keep it down and will smooth out his swim stroke. This may take one or two weeks to create new "muscle memory". Good luck and let us know how it worked out.

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 Post subject: Re: Suggestions for my son
 Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:14 pm Post Number: #3 Post
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As Tony has mentioned overall his physical game looks pretty good.

My observations:
One item of concern would be during his start.

As the ball moves forward from the address position he is taking a long heel toe type step.
Seen in slide S2.

As the toes of the right foot reach the floor the ball is extended even further away from his body.

In slide S3 even though the right foot is on the floor, his upper body weight seems to be leaning slightly back. The body’s response to the overextended ball placement position.

The over-extension in S2, leads to the ball still being in front of the body in S3.

The other item of concern is that his downswing starts simultaneously with the movement of the slide foot forward.

As in golf, we prefer to see the lower body lead the upper body into the release area. Swing lag is a good thing in both of those sports.

My suggestions:
In slide 3 I’ve attached Josh as a baseline.

Ian looks good in P2 with one exception, the right foot should be flat on the floor.

My suggestion would be to incorporate a shuffle type first step. In the shuffle type step the right foot just slides forward with movement of the ball….no heel toe step!

Currently, from P2 to P3 his right arm straightens and the right elbow moves further away from the body as well.

I suggest we eliminate this move altogether.

When he reaches the position seen in P2 with the foot flat on the floor. From here to his second step he just needs to let the right arm unfold downward.

This move should get the ball position closer to Josh’s ball position (ball past the body) in his second step.

If he gets the swing and ball past his body on the second step he will then be in a position where the lower body can now lead the upper body into the release.

As to his left arm position: in the fitness department at Dick’s Sporting Goods you’ll find wrist weights (2.5lb) good for teaching awareness of the left arm throughout the approach.

In this video his release looks good, no early turning.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

"Simplify the Motion.....Maximize the Results"

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 Post subject: Re: Suggestions for my son
 Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:19 pm Post Number: #4 Post
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I see your son is bowling at bowling IQ what are the coaches saying there?
His 2nd step is extremely short this should be the longer which will also help getting the ball past his body on the 2nd step or into the pro zone. ... sort=3&o=0

Chris Barnes step is smaller than most pros as he hinged the pushaway and his foot speed is slower than the others. ... ort=3&o=18

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