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 Post subject: Looking for assistance
 Posted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:08 pm Post Number: #1 Post

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I haven't followed your guidelines for posting exactly as I should but was hoping you could take a quick look anyway. Have be trying to incorprate lateral tilt into my game. Have managed to introduce tilt early, not such if it's considered excessive. But most if not all tilt is gone by the time I begin my slide. Slowed approach speed hoping I could get into position easier. I would welcome anyone's suggestions and comments. Thank you in advance

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 Post subject: Re: Looking for assistance
 Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:53 pm Post Number: #2 Post
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Start with finish position drill(week 4) and don't move on to the next drill until you master this one, it may take a couple of weeks. Don't do a full approach in practice and only do so if/when you bowl league. As boring as they may seem, drills are the fastest most effective way to improve and if you do a full approach you will only return to doing it the way you have always done as your brain will execute automatically, we are trying to reprogram what it does automatically by doing the drills. Have someone video you doing the drills (preferably a coach) and make sure you are doing them correct as practice does not make perfect, practice makes PERMANENT, and if you are doing them wrong you could be making the mistake permanent and harder to correct the more repetitions you do, we are going for quality not quantity. After you have mastered the finish drill then you can move on to the swing and slide drill. Forget about scoring when practicing and doing drills, if you can have the scoreboard turned off even better, focus on your technique. If you want you can post videos of your progress and we will help. Hope this helps.

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