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 Post subject: Need some help with fixing some problems with my approach
 Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:46 am Post Number: #1 Post

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Hello. I've been posting my videos in the community coach section for the past few months (viewtopic.php?f=20&t=12413), and I need another analysis on my approach. I've been doing the foul line + one step drills, but I still couldnt lock my elbow on downswing.

I finally asked my friend to film me for a side view video, and I found out that my ball goes up way too high and this causes my left hand to lose its contact with the ball. I believe this is one of the main reasons why I cant lock my elbow.

I want to fix these problems, and I need your help:

1. While pushing away, I try to rotate my hand inside like Belmo does and it causes the ball to go outside my elbow.. How do I keep my hand in strong position in a more stable/proper way?

2. I want to lock my elbow on downswing while guiding the ball with my left hand without hurting my wrist.. Until now, I have been just dropping the ball without using my left hand that much for freeswing.

3. I already open up too much and my weight is focused too much on the right side on my 2nd step, and this prevents me from drifting left on the next step.

4. I cant keep my elbow close to body during backswing like Belmo does. Same for downswing.

5. My back follows the ball down on my 3rd step too much. I want to increase my spine tilt only a little bit and then start increasing significantly on my 4th step instead.

6. Because of my "too much freeswing", my backswing goes up way too high and causes my left hand to lose its contact with the ball.. I believe this is the main reason why I cant lock my elbow on downswing. So, I want to make a box with my arms on backswing like Belmo does.

7. While sliding, my left foot is too far away from my right foot, and I believe this prevents me from getting my ankle closer to the ball..

Side view:

Back view:

I really want to thank you guys for helping me out. I wouldnt have been able to improve my game this much without your help. But I am still not satisfied!

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