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Ball Fit

Post by Ddunc23 » June 30th, 2021, 2:56 pm


I have been having an issue getting my hand behind and below the equator on the ball. The first video shown is a video from July 2020 which I feel like the fit was better than the ball im using currently. The second video is June 2021 and I feel like no matter what I try my hand is always at the top right of the ball in a very weak position. I am starting to feel like it is a fit issue given that they are two separate balls and every video that I have recorded with the ball that I am using in the first video my hand is NEVER on the top right but every video that I have recorded with the ball I am using in the second video for the past 10 months is always on the top right.

Could you guys give me some feedback whether or not this might be the case? Should I go get a new fit or not?

Thank you,


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Re: Ball Fit

Post by walterp » November 24th, 2021, 6:34 pm

I thing I see right away is that you swing the ball around your body rather than clearing the hip and allowing your bowling arm to remain closer to your body without hitting it. I would work on clearing the right hip and leg before the ball swings forward. Have a good thanksgiving!
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Re: Ball Fit

Post by kajmk » November 25th, 2021, 2:14 am

A few tidbits.

On Grip and Fit from Ron Clifton
The Six Basic Fundamentals Part 2

Eliminate the Kung Fu Death Grip

On Grip Pressure (A visit to your pro shop is not a bad idea) ... p_Pressure

Ron Hoppe comments on Fit, some effects of a bad fit

I recommend you practice the footwork drill below. Coach Mark Baker looks at footwork first.

Within the Kegel Teen Masters Skill Experience, consider practicing drill #3
Drill #3 on Approach and footwork

The entire set is top notch and worth watching. ... ence_video

Key thoughts keep head and eyes over the ball


On hand position
This article by Jim Merrell ... f_the_ball

Look at these 2 drills by Richard Schockley

For future reference, a side view would help analyze any timing concerns.
Video Capture Guidelines see wiki link below ... e_Coaching

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