Help With Form Wrist Breaking back

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Help With Form Wrist Breaking back

Post by Ddunc23 » July 12th, 2020, 11:29 pm


I’m looking for any tips on how I can improve my release. I see that my wrist is breaking back no matter what I try. Is this because of a bad fit or am I not doing something right? Anything helps! Thank you in advance,


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Re: Help With Form Wrist Breaking back

Post by kajmk » July 13th, 2020, 2:07 am

Welcome to the forum.
Some thoughts and suggested reference material.

Your hand is on the outside of the ball too early, see the link for reference. ... f_the_ball

Norm Duke on The Grip

This link has suggestions for preparing videos for analysis ... e_Coaching

See if any of the following helps.

Bill Hall -

Norm Duke

Richard Schockley ... ty_Crawley

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Re: Help With Form Wrist Breaking back

Post by 2y2 » October 6th, 2020, 5:53 pm

Hello dDunc23,
The release is the last pice of the bowling puzzle, your problem is not there. Maybe 80%-90% of bowling problems are originated in the stance and first two steps of your approach (In a 5 steps approach). It would be great to have a side video to assess your timing. Looking at your back view video, I see you're a 4 steps bowler that pushes the ball away one full step late. Your head and ball should always be on the same vertical line, that vertical line should always be aligned with your shot.
1. In your stance, lower your right shoulder a bit and try to align your right eye with the center of the ball.
2. Hold the weight of the ball with your left hand, not the right.
3. Start moving the ball right at the same time you move your right foot on the first step. LET IT FALL you're using too much muscle in all your approach.
(Your ball fitting seems off, you're grabbing very hard)
4. Your first step is gigantic, try to make it 1/3 of what it is now.
5. Your feet MUST move with the ball, you're moving the ball to match your feet. Your swing must be driven by gravity not muscles. Remember this, GRAVITY IS FREE.
6. Keep your head to the right of your body throughout your whole approach.
7. From the beginning your hand is to the side of the ball, keep it centered behind and below, aligned with you shot.

If you think I helped, please click on the "+" button, Thanks.

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