Request for your rating of - WHOEVER FINDS IT FIRST WINS

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Request for your rating of - WHOEVER FINDS IT FIRST WINS

Post by kajmk » August 3rd, 2013, 12:17 am

This is one of a series of requests for reviews.
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by Susie Minshew

guruU2 (Gary Parsons) wrote:
Gold Level/Top100 Coach Susie Minshew has two new books out on bowling.

The first is WHOEVER FINDS IT FIRST WINS. I have started to read it so I can not review it yet but it seems to be a 230 page COMPREHENSIVE guide on how to line up in leagues and tournaments. Norm Duke wrote the forward.

Order information- 800.346.3648 or" onclick=";return false; Cost: $24.99 (plus s/h)
More details on Susie's website -" onclick=";return false;

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