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 Post subject: Lane play strategy: Kegel pattern "Stone Street"
 Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:22 pm Post Number: #1 Post

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My league just started and I'm bowling 2nd shift on the Kegel pattern "Stone Street". It's detailed here, ... STREET.pdf It's a house shot, that's a 42 ft pattern, 23.15 mL total volume.

I was wondering what my strategy should be. I'm around 20mph max off the hand, adjust it slower if I need to. Don't know my RPM's as I've recently changed my release and haven't measured it again yet. PAP was measured at 3.75 over, 1/8 up. Jack Jurek took the measurement during a lesson, but the oil was drying up quick and he wasn't 100% certain on the first oil ring.

I started in practice and first game and a half with my Virtual Energy sliding around 23, hitting 10 at the arrows. I did not seem to have a lot of margin there. I tried moving outside more and I didn't have a good look at all. The last game and a half, I took out my Hy-Road and slid at 28, hitting 15 at the arrows and I seemed to have a little more play there, but I'm afraid it won't be like that in the beginning.

I've seen the wiki page for THS lane play ( ... House_Shot), but find it a little lacking. My house doesn't have the colored boards down the lane, so it's difficult for me to pinpoint my breakpoint, but I'm guessing it was between 5 and 10 with the VE and between 8 and 13 with the Hyroad. Arsenal is 15lbs Virtual Energy, Hyroad, Burgandy Hammer, plastic spare. Just got a Lane #1 Buzzbomb Carnage, but haven't drilled it yet, and probably won't use it in this league, because it'll be too strong. Also have a Red Mission, but it's 16lbs and trying to stick with 15 to keep my timing right. I can actually start with 16 and move to 15 later in the night, but not vice-versa.

Any thoughts?

 Post subject: Re: Lane play strategy: Kegel pattern "Stone Street"
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Just a little tip for those houses without break-point markers, use the reflections of the pins ;-) works wonders. But that's just my two cents

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