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Just registered, new to site

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Hi All !

Trying to make a comeback after being off the lanes for 10 years. Been on a league since September, average is 180 at present. Back in the day, I was averaging well over 200.

It seems my timing is the biggest problem I have right now, also my balls may be way outdated as well. Current arsenal : (15 lb)
MoRich Shock & Awe
MoRich Total Shock and Awe
Brunswick Danger Zone Black Ice (original)
Brunswick spare ball

The black ice is the go to ball right now. It moves way more than the Mo's. It seems weird that a symmetrical ball is killing the assyms. The Mos are drilled with pin at 2:00 to ring finger and the ice has pin over ring finger.

High game: 300 (3)
High set: 786
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