A DeTox Story

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A DeTox Story

Post by Glenn » November 18th, 2019, 3:22 pm

I recently got an email from the USBC Bowling Academy inviting me to download a document called “5 Ways to Increase Your Bowling Average”. It is a basic “care-and-feeding” of your bowling equipment type of article – commonsense stuff but good. There are various hyperlinks embedded in the document to expand on the subject matter presented.

The first item is about preparing you equipment, and the hyperlink for “removing the oil” caught my eye. The hyperlink loads a video promoting the oil extraction process. It shows a northern Illinois pro shop going through the rejuvenation process using the DeTox machine ($30 for 30 minutes). I am not debating the value of oil extraction - it works.

What I found interesting was the case study used to promote bowling ball rejuvenation. Apparently, a well-known Gold Coach was convinced by the pro shop that he needed to have his Hammer Web Tour (a ball that's gaining legendary status) rejuvenated. The Gold Coach/bowler was frustrated with his ball not carrying – leaving 10-pins, etc. The pro shop DeTox'd the ball and resurfaced it back to the factory spec of 360/1000. Presto-chango, the Gold Coach/bowler proceeded to bowl two 300 games within weeks of each other after having not bowled any 300 games since the 1980s – all as a result of rejuvenating and resurfacing his bowling ball. I am certainly NOT diminishing his ability to throw 300 games!

Although bowling ball rejuvenation is very important, and most bowlers ignore its importance, I am skeptical of this claim that DeTox was the total answer. My questions include:

1. Why hasn't he bowled any 300 games in almost 30 years until now?
2. Why didn't he bowl a 300 game when the Hammer Web Tour was factory fresh?
3. How much did circumstances, conditions, equipment, and an element of luck play in achieving these two 300 games? Just last week I witnessed a 140-average bowler bowl 11-strikes and 9 count in a sanctioned league.
4. Did the recent change by the USBC on the 3-unit rule (resulting in potentially higher scoring) play more of a role in this event than is given credit?

Inquiring minds want to know. LOL!


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Re: A DeTox Story

Post by boomer » November 18th, 2019, 4:55 pm

2. Why didn't he bowl a 300 game when the Hammer Web Tour was factory fresh?

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Re: A DeTox Story

Post by MegaMav » November 18th, 2019, 5:16 pm

Glenn wrote:resurfaced it back to the factory spec of 360/1000.
This probably had more to do with it.
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Re: A DeTox Story

Post by Dave836 » November 25th, 2019, 5:25 pm

iN REGARDS TO 3a..... my take on it is you have to be there to watch how this 140 average bowler normally bowls. I have a 110+ bowler on my team and a couple of weeks ago, they bowled a 195 game. to me it all came down to luck and how the pins fell. the next game right back down to their normal 110-120 bowling. Now if this 140 bowler averages seems always to bowl higher when the time is right, something is not right. We had a bowler that average in the 160's from their house. But it seemed every time they would come to a tournament, their average zoomed to 210+. it didn't take long for the tournament officials to re-rate the bowler to their "Tournament Average" when they came to a tournament. it stopped a lot of grumbling from the lower average bowlers in the tournament.

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Re: A DeTox Story

Post by kajmk » November 25th, 2019, 5:51 pm

"There are no pictures on the scoreboard ..."
I watched a lady shoot 249 with an 8 pound Columbia Lite Dot.
Fast speed, many strikes the ball hit the 1-3-6-10 ... Tall lady, long limbs.
That was easily double her average. She never came close again.
I had given her the ball when my wife's injuries ended her bowling career. So I was familiar with the ball.

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As mentioned, you need to see the game, know the history, observe tendencies.
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Re: A DeTox Story

Post by snick » December 9th, 2019, 3:19 am

By the time a ball needs to be rejuvenated and resurfaced, the bowler will be very familiar with its roll characteristics, and may actually bowl higher scores with it after rejuvenation than he did when it was new. Assuming of course that the ball is well matched to the bowler and lane conditions.
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