Speaking of bowling like nobody's watching

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Speaking of bowling like nobody's watching

Post by boomer » October 24th, 2019, 4:03 pm

We were bowling - we had actually taken all four points by the time we had hit the 7-8th frame.

Our opponents were s...l...o...w. Not like "where the bleep are they???" slow. . . just very slow to bowl.

so by the 8th frame, everybody but one other pair had finished and pretty much left.

By the bottom of the 10th frame, I was the only one on the lanes.

It . . . was . . . creepy! ROFL

It didn't matter, we'd already taken the fourth game, but it's against my nature to screw-off so . . . let's roll. Working on a strike in the 9th. . . and punch out. Each strike sounded sooooo weird. They were good strikes, pocket hits, but without anyone else bowling they just sounded, like, hollow or something. I looked around at my team and a few stragglers and said how weird that was.

Anyone else find that kinda true? :lol:

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Re: Speaking of bowling like nobody's watching

Post by kajmk » October 24th, 2019, 5:10 pm

Kinda, sorta ...

Back when I played a few tournaments -
Most of the bowling was over, we had pinsetter issues that slowed us down.
The house was nearly empty. As usual, I was a contributor, (no illusions, I was in it for the experience ...)
Was having a sub par set. What the heck, made a huge move, rolled 5 or 6 in a row.
It was like the bowling fairy godmother hit me with her wand.

At the stroke of midnight, my bowling balls turned back in to pumpkins ...

Maybe the sound was different due to a change in ambient noise level.
Perhaps the sound of no one watching and or not fearing judgement.

It was nice, wasn't it ...
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