Help with ball replacement

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Help with ball replacement

Post by LPOliver » September 22nd, 2019, 12:07 am

Help! Balance hole rule changes and cracked balls leave me in a lurch. During the pre season games the bridge on my ball for fresh oil cracked. After being repaired, on the second night of league it started to crack from the thumb hole. To make matters worse, the ball I normally go to after the lanes open up did not make it this year, it split nearly in half. Thus I now need new balls, and I may as well replace the balls with balance holes now also. Sadly, I have spent hours, no, days looking at ball specs and reviews, and my head is spinning from too much screen time.
This is where you come in; since I am not a pro I welcome the opinion of others, especially when they express the logic behind their choices. To assist you in aiding me, these are my stats: Speed hand to arrows 15 mph, revs 220, Init tilt 15 to 20, Init rotation 60 to 65. I do not like a big hook, while big hooking balls look good on the lane; they get me into too much trouble. I enjoy a controlled arcing ball that has just enough belly to give me some room to miss right, but not too much. My ball should read the mids and makes a smooth controlled arc to the pins with a strong roll going into the pins. And no, I do not care who makes the ball, the object is to get it done.
Not counting the spare ball I normally take four balls to the lanes. Starting with the oilier ball to the drier ball, here are my thoughts:
1. For when the lanes have more than the normal med oil of the THS pattern, I am leaning toward the Hammer Hybrid Statement with its 2.47 Rg, 0.054 Diff, and a 0.015 MB. This would be a pin up ball.
2. For the fresh normal medium THS oil pattern and the flatter sport shot I have been looking at either: (a) taking my old Roto Grip Asylum, which was drilled 57 x 3 ¾ x 36 with its 2.50 Rg and 0.043 diff, out of retirement, or (b) getting a Hammer Web Tour with its 2.47 Rg and 0.030 Diff. I have to test the Asylum, but if memory serves it may be a little too much ball for this position, while being weaker than the Statement.
3. For when the lanes open up and I have moved as far left as my hand allows, and I cannot stay off the nose, leaving the 10 pin standing proud, I was thinking of the Hammer Web Pearl which sports a 2.48 Rg and a 0.048 Diff, or the DV8 Night Prowler which has a 2.491 Rg, 0.044 Diff, and a 0.011 Mb. A third option is to go with a different #2 ball where it is drilled pin up, and use the same ball with a pin down drilling here in the #3 spot, to obtain a slower transition. But I have no clue as to which ball would work in both of these two positions.
4. This ball is for the second shift after the 5 man squad has burned the lanes, some will call this a dry lane ball. Here I am looking at Storm’s re-branded Ride, which they have named the Tropical Surge. They have slightly increased the core’s Diff and shape, but are stilling using the same cover. The Surge has a 2.58 Rg and a 0.024 Diff. I ruled the Storm Tropical Breeze out. While it uses the same cover as the Surge combined with a core Rg of 2.57 and 0.009 Diff, I think it may be too weak.
I am looking forward to seeing your suggestions.
Thank you to all who express their thoughts, and may you have clean games.

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