Bad luck before even going back bowling in league

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Bad luck before even going back bowling in league

Post by krava » September 6th, 2019, 6:49 am

I don't know how to word this. Anyway I am not sure if anyone else here was looking forward to going back but I have.

Everything that can go wrong went wrong. I NEVER have my back hurt. I can't hurt it in the gym nothing. This is going to sound crazy but when I vacuumed the house, the next day I had a bad pain in my lower back toward the right side. Vacuumed sunday. Monday woke up with the pain. Bowled 5 games Monday because of $8 day. Tuesday it wasn't too bad. Wednesday wasn't bad and bowled 3 games because wanted to see if I could throw it right. Thursday (today), I woke up and my back hurt and I couldn't even put my socks on, had to have help. When I was bowling the previous days, I really didn't feel or pay attention to the back pain didn't bother me doing what I was doing. It also didn't really bother me today but it had to hinder me because I can't really bend over to pick things up.

#2 The entire summer not 1 time did I ever get "stuck" in a ball with my thumb. I never really had to take tape out and remove one and put it back. I must have bowled 80 games or something. I got all the balls done the night before and removed the tape from 1 ball because it was peeling bad. That ball has 6 pieces of tape in it, and for me to fit correctly I put 3 in it today (but didn't use it). The first 4/5 balls I threw were lofted out and stuck on my thumb. I only have like 1 piece of tape in my conspiracy, and it stuck on me as well. The last game the ball stuck on my thumb 3/6 times and i just gave up using the ball (I didn't want to change the tape).

#3 started out each game with an open. That isn't the way you want to start anything out with. 1st game was a fit issue and didn't have any tape in the ball and didn't know that my spare ball was too tight as well. Can't really hold up the game by getting the tape fit right.

I checked the balls when I got there (except the spare ball) and the fit felt tight but I could get out of it, somehow the fit was 1 piece of tape too much.

Anyone else have things go wrong before they really even got to bowl before coming back? I am not talking about bowling bad etc (I know #3 is talking about bowling bad and I don't think anyone wants to start every single game with an open. I did end up with 248 2nd game but still an open to start) I will be honest. I was sitting there panicking. What is going on, why are my balls sticking to my thumb. It wasn't a throw problem because I grabbed a ball that is just tiny bit slightly bigger opening and never hung in it, the whole night. i don't like changing tape out because it leaves a bad mess of residue. I have to use like 3 paper towels and wipe the thumb hole out 10 times to get all the stuff out. Then that stuff transfers to your hand and it doesn't want to go away.

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Re: Bad luck before even going back bowling in league

Post by KYBOB » September 10th, 2019, 3:11 am

See a chiropractor for your back.

Thumb sticking: could be diet. Maybe ate something salty before you went bowling and you were swollen a little . OR coulda been overturning the ball.

Also, "Real Bowlers Tape" leaves a lot less residue than any tape I've used and what's is left cleans out fairly easy. Most times all I do is run my finger up and down a few times and residue is gone.


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Re: Bad luck before even going back bowling in league

Post by kajmk » September 10th, 2019, 3:59 am

krava, I hope your back is better!

Sometimes we can hurt our back well in advance of the onset of pain.
At least, that happened to me between 25 - 30 years ago. Sparing details here, but I think the cause was in December and in February I woke up and could not sit up. Needed a cane to walk 10 steps at a time, then rest ...
No OUCH moment, the trauma was subtle.

Injuries can result from trauma and or gradually over time, when they hit a threshold they get noticed.

I agree with KYBOB, seek professional help, if your still in pain.

Get well.
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