ball for wet/dry that transitions to carry down. Suggestion.

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ball for wet/dry that transitions to carry down. Suggestion.

Post by cw90stratos » August 13th, 2019, 3:55 pm

These lanes also have plenty of head oil. inside of 13 is flooded. 42' med heavy volume.

Also dropping from 15lbs to 14lbs. more consistent ball speed 14 lbs at 18mph off hand. 15lbs 17 mph varies 1mph or more usually slower thru 3 games. weak/med 15lb wont drive , strong 15 can't push it far enough.

Have rg show off and storm marvel pearl these are 14lbs. Plenty of length, sometimes to much. Have to move right as the night progresses Tried 1000 to 4k surface no polish. Not alot of room for error with these.

My thought is staying at 14 lbs for consistency, trying a Idol (purple) or a Crux prime. This house seems to want/favor stronger equipment. A bunch of strong stuff is sold there and is used for 3 games.
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Re: ball for wet/dry that transitions to carry down. Suggest

Post by 44boyd » August 13th, 2019, 4:58 pm

If you like playing straighter go with the Idol. Surface will still matter.

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