Idea for bowlingchat contest

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Idea for bowlingchat contest

Post by krava » August 10th, 2019, 8:27 am

I am not sure if the Bowlingchat matchplay contest will be up for league in the winter like they did 2 years ago and before that. There was not a contest last year and the one before only a few people signed up.

My idea for a contest is this. First of all it needs to be fair for everyone. It doesn't matter your skill level or age. So there should be more people that sign up if it gets approved. The short version of this before I go into detail is: Each person comes up with the lowest game that they think they will bowl in the league that they do not want to see. It will have to be challenging and something that might be hard to accomplish but that they think is possible. Another way is if people are being to easy on themselves is to have like a sliding scale, such as 50 pins under average for averages over 200 etc. That will keep people hopefully trying to bowl their best and not to get that score under which they shouldn't think they should get. It could be done with a series but It is a lot harder to not to bowl a bad game then it is to bowl 3 bad ones.

So here are a few details that I thought about.

#1 People entering need to be on league secretary so games can be viewed.
#2 The lowest game that someone comes up with needs to be higher then the lowest game they bowled last year.
#3 It starts off with a list of people that are entered in this. Once someone bowls a game under what they are not suppose to bowl under, they are removed from the list.
#4 My suggestion would be the prize for this could be the same as the Bowling Chat match play thing with the rectangle band or if people aren't apposed to maybe if someone accomplishes this, then they get a free bowling ball of choice with a drilling. That would mean that whoever enters this agrees to donate $2, $4 or whatever it is depending on how many people are entered. If everyone loses then no one gets anything. If several people accomplish it then either people can agree to pay more or you decide a winner by subtracting the difference between the lowest game the person bowled and the game they said they bowled and whoever has the highest number wins.

I am not sure if this is done before or not.

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