USBC says no more U20

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Re: USBC says no more U20

Post by MegaMav » August 6th, 2019, 10:54 am

ICURNVS wrote:
Thats not entirely true...

If your a youth bowler and the Mens league agrees to pay your winnings to a SMART account, then your allowed,
Thats not true either.
Most mens leagues arent singles leagues.
The league must be a singles league and agree to the SMART account for winnings.

Rule 400: Youth Membership Eligibility
USBC Youth membership is available to individuals who have not reached their 20th birthday prior to August 1 of the current bowling
season and have maintained compliance with Item a below. Individuals who purchase Youth membership in a summer league and
turn 20 prior to August 1 will be allowed to complete the summer league. The age limitation is waived for those authorized as
mentally challenged.
a. Except as provided in Item b, a youth may not bowl, substitute or pace in any bowling activity which offers any of the following
as prizes:
1. Cash or bonds.
2. Merchandise exceeding $500 in value.
b. Youth may bowl in singles competitions (including side competitions/brackets) offering such prizes, provided, prior to bowling:
1. The competition agrees to award the youth’s prize in the form of a scholarship; or
2. The youth signs the USBC Singles Competition Prize Waiver waiving his/her rights to any prize in violation of this rule.
In youth competition, youth members may participate in side competitions/brackets provided all entries are returned 100% in the
form of scholarships only and awards comply with Item a above.
Buying or selling of earned prizes is prohibited.
Any youth bowler deemed in violation of this rule is subject to disciplinary action including the potential loss of youth membership.

NOTE: There are no limits on scholarship amounts or entry fees (must be paid directly to the tournament director/manager) and
reimbursement of actual travel expenses into the next higher level of competition or any tournament or event. (Receipts
must be provided upon request.) The prizes authorized by a state high school athletic association or a collegiate athletic
association recognized by USBC and USBC Collegiate are not subject to the limitations of this rule.
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Re: USBC says no more U20

Post by ICURNVS » August 26th, 2019, 6:46 pm

Good Catch Mav..

Its one of those i see it.. but it failed to register.
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