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Wrist - Conditioning, Strengthening. Problems

Posted: June 20th, 2019, 4:13 pm
by kajmk
Created as a focal point to address one of the weakest points in
the kinetic chain used in the act of bowling.

This being a bowling forum, we have numerous questions regarding the wrist.
Remembering that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, I thought a post dedicated to the wrist might be helpful.

I'm just a layman, offering some resources and information that I have found to be useful.
I know we have some medical professionals who are members and certainly many "guests"
Your input is most welcomed.

Remembering the old Russian proverb, "Trust but Verify".

As with any exercise regimen, always consult your medical professionals.

Goal: Help prevent injury when possible, enlightenment, encouragement, preventive maintenance by exercise, stretching, mobility routines.
Stimulate curiosity.

I've had various injuries, some of my own causing.
No one wants to be injured or impaired.
Sports enrich the lives of many, injury robs that joy sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently.

Although some things happen via events beyond our control such as circumstance, physiology, luck as it were favors the prepared mind.
Aside from sports, use of technology has contributed insidious exposure to fingers, wrists, eyes, neck and so on.

I've noted people at the gym doing wrist exercises only addressing flexion and extension. Every plane of motion the wrist has is very important in any sport where the hands are used.
In most cases, they are not doing them to derive the most benefit, in some cases, very little.

This will be a work in progress.
Comments, corrections, additions are welcomed.

Edit June 22 2019
For clarification (hopefully)
I should point out that I'm not espousing body building per se.
Jeff's video shows how to strengthen all the components. The picture shows that of a body builder.
One has only to look at the forearms of PDW, Norm Duke or elite lady bowler's to know big muscles are not a must. Though for men it might be nice to be built like Jeff Lizzi
You as a bowler will know if and where you need strength, mobility flexibility etc.
If components do not have adequate quality, the chance for injury is more probable
The Askdrjo series is more geared to therapy, rehab, and a gentler approach, so to speak

Some Resources

Forearm - Wrist Development includes Ulnar and Radial movement

From Jeff Cavilere (Athlean x)


Examining the wrist: A guide for sports physicians and physiotherapists
Published on Dec 10, 2013

Roger Hawkes, Chief Medical Officer, European Tour Performance Institute, and Doug Campbell, Wrist and Hand Surgeon, Leeds Teaching hospitals NHS Trust, guide you through examining the wrist.

Having studied the wrist on the European Tour (golf) for the last four years, they show the simple tests to use in day-to-day practice, and the common pathological findings.

For further resources, see the BJSM special edition on the wrist:" onclick=";return false;


- Taking the history (1.26)
- Initial inspection of the wrist (3.00)
- Assessing the range of movement (5.00)
- Anatomy (5.55)
- Assessing flexibility (7.16)
- Locating pain (8.12)
- Assessing stability of the distal radial ulnar joint (9.22)
- The extensor carpi ulnaris tendon (10.27)
- De Quervain's tendonitis (13.00)


TFCC Tear / Repair Stretches & Exercises (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex) - Ask Doctor Jo


TFCC Tear/Repair Stretches & Exercises Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex- Wrist Pain.


Published on May 13, 2014
In this video, Mayo Clinic doctor, Dr Sanj Kakar, highlights some of the common causes of pain on the outside of the wrist, also known as ulnar sided wrist pain. This is a common cause of pain in the wrist and with an accurate history, clinical examination and tests can be readily diagnosed and treated.


Cubital Tunnel Syndrome


Take care of your body and your mind.

Re: Wrist - Conditioning, Strengthening. Problems

Posted: June 23rd, 2019, 1:52 pm
by JimH
Your edit for clarificarion purposes does help. I know one man who built his upper body strength for another sport. He then took up bowling. Due to the muscle structure buillt up across his shoulders his back swing did not go very high. He was told by a number of coaches that he had to make his backswing go higher. That was not possible for him to do. Bowling techniques do change and successful bowlers choose which technique to use. However if the bowler's has modified the body then the technique may not be suitable. We sometimes see items on this forum from people looking for advice to overcome injuries or medical conditions. We should not encourage people to modify their bodies when other methods are available.

Re: Wrist - Conditioning, Strengthening. Problems

Posted: June 23rd, 2019, 3:48 pm
by kajmk
Excellent points Jim.
Thank you for your reply and well made points. I value your expertise and years of experience.