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 Post subject: An intro. Part one.
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Hi! My name is Bil from NE PA(Scranton/Wiles-Barre area).

I started bowling in the late 1990s. My first ball was a gray "Trac Master" Plastic from Brunswick. At that time I used my thumb and had a 120ish average. I bowled in leagues and work tornies. I picked up a brand new urethane(wish I wish I could remember the name) and began to bowl thumbless. My average was in the 180s. At that time, my knowledge of the game couldn't fill a thimble.

I bowled back to back summer/fall leagues and it was getting tiring because I gained a lot of weight. At this time, I had five bowling balls. A plastic, A urethane, a black hammer filled with divots, a reactive, and some light purple ball. In the ealry 2000s, it became to much of a physical effort to bowl. After a few frames I would be winded. Most of my friends quit for their own reasons. Finally, after six years, I decided to quit unable to enjoy the sport.

End of part one.

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