Gold nuggets and pearls of wisdom

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Gold nuggets and pearls of wisdom

Post by kajmk » March 17th, 2019, 6:38 pm

Opinion -

As you read information that resonates with you and you find that information helps you, jot it down in a note book (hard and digital)

Good sources such as Jim, Mo, Bill Hall, Ron Clifton are great communicators, with their own styles. They've shared a lot of their wisdom for free.

Looking back at articles in sources such as BTM there are a number of golden lessons and explanations of concepts and the science of bowling.

The front and rear inside covers of books are a good place for brief notes to a page number or succinct expression. Use pencil ...

I mentioned books and BTM. These sources are treasures and their sales and subscription roles belie logic.

Your bowling budget should include an investment dedicated to your most vital asset, your mind!

When it comes to the art of bowling, don't forget to support the arts every now and then.

Oops, almost fell off my soap box ... :roll:
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