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 Post subject: Re: Young people wearing Wrist Supports
 Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:24 pm Post Number: #21 Post
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Thanks Stacy, this video may give a better idea of what im doing in the swing.

I'm a big believer in playing soft, letting the ball get a better angle on the pocket by giving it time, even at the sacrifice of speed driven messengers.

Playing harder patterns from the right rather than deep in where the angle to the pocket is bad pretty quickly.

I'm guilty of trying too hard to make something happen on occasion.
Bowlers try to make balls hook on the lane because its baked in bowling on house shots, overcoming 24ml of oil in a 20 board area, giving up the pocket and having to get the ball back. High rotation, and grab, I see it a lot.

Best advice I can give is, keep the ball under your head start to finish, let gravity do the work and roll the ball off your fingertips. Its a lot easier to be solid at the line when you're not using much muscle to pull yourself off balance.

FYI: The above video was criticized in the Radical Fans facebook group for being too up the lane.
Just goes to show what the preference is for ball motion now, left to right, not front to back.

Please press the Image button if you feel I've been helpful.

“When you prepare for everything, you’re ready for anything.” - Bill Walsh

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 Post subject: Re: Young people wearing Wrist Supports
 Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:51 pm Post Number: #22 Post

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I like the Tremendous video because it shows the heavy forward roll and the ball covering boards without much side roll. More people are worried about the look of the shot instead of the result.
But that is a repeatable shot that many can learn from that not everything has to be maxed out to achieve the desired result. And would probably avoid pain in the wrist and hand.


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 Post subject: Re: Young people wearing Wrist Supports
 Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:28 pm Post Number: #23 Post
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44boyd wrote:
I think the hardest thing for new to intermediate bowlers to understand is to just roll the ball. You don’t have to throw up gang signs to get the ball to hook. Letting the swing happen instead of pulling down (which helps keeping hand under the ball) and lifting (I know some hate the term) through once the thumb clears at the release should feel and look effortless. Look at Eric’s videos, no crazy figure 8 motions like Sterner or finish like your making “the claw”. Effortless and can play a wide part of the lane, let the ball work instead of forcing

Excellent point, I injured my ring finger in an attempt to lift the $!!! out of a Wine U-dot in practice. Missed a season, came back, reinjured it as I was not ready.
I'm neither the dullest nor the brightest crayon in the box, but was certainly ignorant.
Stacy's point underscores the need for instruction.
I wonder how many folks that just bowl would become avid bowler's if given good, not cookie cutter instruction. At a minimum, just a short lecture presentation so they can judge for themselves.

If business is not as good as you like, why not offer a no commitment first lesson free deal for the first "X" students ?

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so

There should be a rule of war saying you have to see someone up close and get to know 'em before it's ok to shoot 'em



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 Post subject: Re: Young people wearing Wrist Supports
 Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:23 pm Post Number: #24 Post

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Glad to hear I'm not totally wrong.
Sort of like a 100mph fastball, you either have it or you don't

Kudos on your 240 average !

The speed and coming from below the equator are no doubt the major factor in why a no thumb release imparts more rpms.
I've dabbled in no thumb one arm and two arm before unrelated health issues forced a hiatus and a radical paradigm shift on the job took away my will to play anymore, I was in my 50's grey ceiling zone. If I continued to bowl, I would have tried to develop the 2 handed swing. The RPMS are intoxicating, but of course one must consistently execute quality shots.

Correct kajmk - Rev rate is exactly like the fast ball analogy.

240 average is flattering but just a number based on easy conditions. I am usually happy with 220 - 230 average.

WRT 'two handed" - like you I am not as young as I used to be :) ( and I did not start bowling until I was 26) - I may have mentioned I tried two handed for a year and a half. To this day the revs are still intoxicating and the ball hits like a cannon.

I did manage a couple of 300's with it - but no 800's

The problem with the two handed style is generating speed to get down the lane for us "older guys". Even that may be compensated by going very wide on the Left lane . On the R lane the ball return gets in the way.

Occasionally I will still pick up L sides spares with it ( you can't miss on a house shot - the ball hooks the whole 2 - 7 pin area) but

the rules changes that are coming will put an end to that as I doubt I will have balls drilled with finger holes only.

Ironically if the scoring pace is LOW on a heavy oil or sports shot, I may pitch a few two handed to get the extra revs and extra strike which are usually ins short supply in a 180 scoring pace. ( chance of doubling is low if you are only going to pitch 3 or 4 strikes a game)

Sorry to take the thread off tract

WRT to wrist devices and any game - use what works. Use what is optimal to you. The rest is wasted effort.

Theory is good to understand stuff. End result it is all to help you throw more strikes (and spares)

If you are not a pro, have fun!

"You see only what you look for; you recognize only what you know"

There are many worlds out there. Some of them can be accessed through reading. Encourage reading - T.A. Sankar

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