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 Post subject: A few basics for new and beginning bowlers
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Impetus for this thread.
Create a focal or collection point geared to those that are new to the sport.

Experienced bowler's know there is more to the sport than meets the eye.
This is not meant to be an exhaustive treatise or to endorse brands or business.

I look at this as a work in progress and welcome enhancements and other viewpoints.
The goal is to help people get a good start and hopefully create lifelong bowler's.

No text or video can ever replace a quality instructor to student relationship.

What follows below are links to videos or text.
This forums wiki has numerous references and links and articles.

In general, there are things we know, things we don't know, and things we don't know we don't know.

Warm up before, cool down after bowling
Types of bowling balls
Choosing a ball weight.
Bowling shoes, types.
Master the straight ball before trying to hook a ball.
The bowler's release.
Ray Wong's Bowling Lane Strategy
The bowling approach, a step by step narrated video

Proper Bowling Warm up and Cool down | USBC Bowling Academy

Bowling is both physically and mentally exhausting, so Chris Barnes and Team USA Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney discuss some warm up exercises for properly preparing your body before bowling and cool down exercises for recovering after bowling. Warming up with dynamic exercises and static stretching will go a long way to help prevent injuries and guarantee you are ready for a successful day of bowling

Types of Bowling Balls

How to Choose a Bowling Ball to Fit Your Needs | USBC Bowling Academy


Ron Clifton

Explaining Bowling Shoes by

Master The Straight Ball First

Here are some words of wisdom by forum member Greg Helms
Greg's Bowling Chat ID is FitDocSr
Definition and how to find PAP can be found on the forum wiki
Put a piece of white tape on your PAP. When you can at least make it face the left gutter (straight ball) you are behind it at release. Dont try to hook it (or dont try to turn your hand). Once you have that under control, then you can start adding turn with the hand.
I teach that you cant hook it properly until you can roll it straight properly. Also helps on spares.

The Bowler's release

By Ron Clifton

Ray Wong Bowling Lane Strategy

This presentation introduces a method on how to use your eyes and some things a player thinks of while bowling. It covers key pins, ball phases, oil patterns, oil transition, the pattern length minus 31 formula and 2-point targeting. It identifies the exit point, range finders, arrows, strike and spare zones. Presents ball path targeting with eye movement and a touch of the mental game.
This presentation leaves lots of room for Coaches/Instructors to fine tune the game.

I chose sk8s video because he narrates the motion at key TANGIBLE points.


This video is an instructional video on the proper technique and timing of the four and five step approach in Ten-Pin Bowling.

Within the video each step is examined and broken down to explain what is happening and the proper technique involved throughout.
Feel free to use this as a visual aid for your own game, or for any students you coach in the game. The goal of this video is to teach and inform, so please feel free to share as you see fit!
Thank you for watching and stay tuned for a lot of great coaching episodes coming in this featured playlist, Pin Pointers!

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.

The short poem Desiderata contains words of wisdom for us all.

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