How to adjust to DRY lanes

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Re: How to adjust to DRY lanes

Post by soupy1957 » July 28th, 2018, 7:57 am

GrumpyCatFace wrote:............. I moved as far inside as possible - laydown around 25, and targeting 15ish at the dots..........
Not sure if I am reading this are starting off at the extreme inside, and ending up around board twenty five?

I remember watching a video from the “Bowling Academy,” (or some such name) stating that the starting approach and finish, (at least as far as your footing is concerned), should be on the same board(s). Such that, if you used your left foot (say) as a marker, and you typically set your left foot on board 10 (say)......the ideal position to end up at, on the Foul Line, should be the 10th board as well.

Granted, I presume that advice as pertaining to a conventional approach. I assume that, because the two-handed throwers out there, seem to typically be all OVER the boards, on THEIR approach!!
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Re: How to adjust to DRY lanes

Post by GrumpyCatFace » July 28th, 2018, 1:34 pm

Sorry for the confusion, I meant the dots 10 feet down the lane. :). Not the ones at the foul line.

I like targeting them instead of arrows, because I find it easier to focus on something closer.

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