Carmen Salvino

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Carmen Salvino

Post by kajmk » July 16th, 2018, 11:17 pm

Carmen was mentioned on another thread "Thumb Swelling Tricks".

That prompted me to plug his book.
steve s wrote:"Have the thumb hole fixed when you are swelled ...then before you bowl gentle pound your thumb like a piece of meat to tenderize it and this will cause it to swell up and your thumb will fit "....Carmen Salvino steve s

The Great Salvino. :)

I read his book when it came out. Very entertaining.

Fast lanes : Carmen Salvino and professional bowling grew up together, here is their story Paperback – March 1, 1988

Editorial Reviews
From Library Journal
pap. $9.95. sports Entertaining for the sports buff, this book is also a good resource for the sports historian. It traces the evolution of bowling from cramped basements with pin boys to today's elaborate bowling emporiums. A book of contrasts, it ranges from the early years when professional bowlers stayed afloat with other jobs and hustling, to the time when significant prize money became available through tournaments and TV competition; from the era of the classic city leagues, with company sponsorship of teams who also traveled for team competition, to the current individual competition format. The focus is on Salvino, but bowling's greats are presented and its excitement and history portrayed. The chapter on technique is much better than the one on staying in shape. Kenneth Tillman, Trenton State Coll., N.J.
Copyright 1988 Reed Business Information, Inc.

One person's review

Carmen Salvino has been a legend for over 50 years. Watch a PBA tournament and he's sitting in the first row observing and lending his considerable presence. Carmen was called by many the "Clown Prince of Bowling". Don't let that fool you. He knew more ways to beat you than you knew ways to win. His record setting 846 series on "Bowling Stars" in 1955 endured until Bob Learn, Jr's televised 850 in 1995. Carmen is a good will ambassador for the sport. Perhaps not as well known to the public he's a self-taught engineers with 30 patents to his name. Salvino is a "one of a kind" and this book should be required reading for bowling fans, especially those who think the game was invented in 1990.
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Re: Carmen Salvino

Post by TonyPR » July 17th, 2018, 2:45 am

He is one of the greatest, in case anyone missed this interview:" onclick=";return false;

Very funny and positive guy!

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