Different bowling alleys / different house shots.

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Different bowling alleys / different house shots.

Post by krava » March 19th, 2018, 6:55 am

I have no idea how to word the topic here.

Quick version:

My bowling alley, when you get the ball out too far right (say 6 board and beyond), the ball never comes back.

Oil Bowl Longview texas, when you get the ball out too far right (6 board etc), the ball comes storming back and goes really high and hooks really bad. Throwing a straight ball Plastic straight down 8 out to 6 to get the 9 pin has same reaction on both lanes.

How many people have lane conditions like oil bowl? This condition is very nice when you play inside. At the end, I was throwing over 15 out to 6-8 and back into the pocket. At my home bowling alley, I would have to do 15 out to 10-12 to get it to come back.

is oil Bowl type conditions more common at other bowling alleys then my home bowling alley?

I was going to go to maverick lanes in Marshall, TX but I was told at oil bowl that one of the ball returns went haywire and caught on fire and burned some of the place up. if you call maverick lanes the lines have been disconnected.

Without any practice I went there today and shot 235 245 235 221 missed 2 10 pins 4 games. The ball held pretty good if you missed left but if you missed the break point right a bit (2 boards), the ball jumped bad. I think that I prefer the jumping bad lane condition over mine. Also the lanes weren't fresh, they were oiled today but have been bowled on (probably by plastic balls). Neither oil bowl or maverick lanes even have range finders on their lanes. I had to look at the 6 pin and my mark just to aim.

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Re: Different bowling alleys / different house shots.

Post by The Kid » March 20th, 2018, 3:04 am

Your experience at Oil Bowl sounds pretty close to a typical house shot (THS) to me. It's designed for higher scores for a variety of bowlers. It doesn't punish misses very severely.

The extra oil in the middle protects against missing left (for a righty).
The lack of oil on the outside protects against missing right.

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Re: Different bowling alleys / different house shots.

Post by pjape » March 20th, 2018, 4:23 pm

The house I was at when I started bowling was one that if you got it too wide, count on a Jersey strike. Where I bowl now, if you get it too wide, it's not coming back; count on a washout or worse.

I really think where I bowl now is a topography issue. No house shot is going to have more oil on the outside boards, so I suspect those boards might be slightly tilted.

At least this issue is consistent over the whole house.

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