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 Post subject: Interesting fact about bowling pins
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One thing I love about working at a bowling alley is the things I get to learn. One fact I thought was interesting enough to share is about bowling pins. From what the mechanic tells me most places swap out pins once or twice a year meaning after 6 months of continuous use they are shot. Now what he does is every 4 months he swaps them but he doesn't discard them. He takes them and puts them in a small room kept dark with a humidifier for 4 months while the other set is in use.

By doing this it rests them and allows to wood to expand again in a sense rejuvenating the pins for another go around. As long as the plastic on the pins doesn't get cracked you can repeat this process 2 times per pin and they continue to fly like new. I can verify this from bowling there, they carry very well no dead wood in those racks. So this means he can double the life making them last 12 months by taking the time to do this process. Honestly in all the years I bowled I never really thought much about the pins themselves so it's very cool to learn this.

In the end he donates them to churches who will sometimes set up a portable pair of lanes for events. They give them to leagues & teams to sign as keepsakes. They give them to youth bowlers for something cool to have so they can see one up close and personal. They have even given them to kids with some beat to death no longer used house balls so they can set them up in their yard to play with.

Hopefully you found this as interesting as I have.

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