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The first one I got lucky (2016), I pulled a ball a bit inside and still struck twice and once was the 11th frame. Before this, the closest I ever got was back in 1990 with the red hammer when I was 16 (279). Then last year my nerves got me and I went high and got 299. Both times I was nervous. I don't usually ever get past 6 in a row any more. If I get past 6 usually I will go out.

This last time (3 weeks ago or so), I was throwing the ball damn good and I wasn't really nervous anytime during it. When I got the strike in the 11th I told one guy atleast I got a plaque coming for 11 in a row. Then got another strike. I think the better your throwing the ball, the less nervous you will be also. if you got some of your strikes off of lucky shots, like high hits, light hits etc then you will be more nervous for sure.

I wasn't thinking about getting the 300 either, I was like if I get it I get it, I was more concerned with what I was dealing with. I was in a very pissed off mood that day. I had 1 pin handicap and the other team had a sub on it. That sub is the best bowler in the city probably. Shot 30-40+ 300s, 17 or so 800s, averaged 220+ in several leagues for the past 20 years or so. He is also in the hall of fame here. I had to basically bowl that guy man on man which isn't fair but ended up with 745 to his 715 and we won them all. I started that night negative as hell thinking we were going to lose them all. The first time I got 300, I had no sleep that night, I had a sore thumb from pulling out a hangnail with my fingernails instead of using tweezers and told the team I probably wouldnt' do that good that night. I remember it pretty well.

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