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 Post subject: Having Problems Scoring Well with Twister Pins
 Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 6:45 am Post Number: #1 Post
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you know, those pins that seem ultra light when you hit them? they fly around a lot but carry is touchy.

I'm thinking power and speed or both is not a great combination when facing these.

I've seen slow speed work well if the shot is consistent enough. maybe a lighter 14lb ball is better suited. the other thing I haven't tried is less angle and stay inside. but I may need a high ratio layout to turn the corner.

would something like a 110 x 4 x 30 work from a deep inside shot given the right ball?

I've seen guys play a shot like that in other houses that dont have a lot of hand. I was wondering the layout and setup the ball would need to start at to get this type of look. basically laying it down on the left corner by the gutter and letting the ball sail out to the friction where it turns and screams back.

would the layout I suggested with the right ball allow me to play this shot?

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