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 Post subject: Going to different centers just to bowl different area
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Does anyone deliberately go to another bowling center to practice sometimes because you know they will have to play in a different area of the lane so you can get used to it? The place I usually bowl I usually play either the 8 board or 10 board and rarely do I have to move away from there. Just last week, I through straight down the 8 board and I had room to miss left and also right. I only moved 1/2 of a board all 3 games and that was probably the last game I moved 1/2 a board.

Now today I went to Marshall, Tx and they have old wood lanes. There is no markers out on the lanes (the 4 3 foot long ones , maybe they are called range finders?), There is also 2 less dots on the lanes also. The lanes were oiled yesterday and they didn't remember how many people bowled on them yesterday but they think that it wasn't alot. So anyway I started with the hyroad. I stood on 22 and missed way right and hit probably the 4 board and the ball jumped and struck brooklyn. I took that ball away and grabbed another. (strike didn't count I didn't start the game yet). 2nd ball I grabbed a storm match pearl and threw it and missed 8 and hit 6 or so and struck brooklyn again. I moved a board left hit the mark and the ball still over reacted. I put that ball up and then grabbed the BTU. The first shot with the BTU it jumped on me hit somwhere in the pocket but light and left a horrible split. It was a 4 7 3 6 10. It looked like the ball couldn't knock any pins down. I put that ball up. Then I grabbed a storm joy ride and tried it and had a little better luck. Toward the end of the 1st game I said forget the 8 board, forget the 10 board and then started throwing accross 12. I ended the 1st game with 130 (no practice shots before).

A long story short, once I got off where I am used to and did what the lane told me to do, I ended up with around 210 average for the next 4 games. I ended the last game probably standing on 35 throwing accross 16 and got 220 and missed a easy 3 out of 4 pins of the bucket (non double wood). I have got to stop throwing hook balls at spares and hoping to get them and instead throw a straight ball and aim for it. I also didn't play the 13 or 14th board. I jumped from the 2nd arrow to 12 and then straight to 15 when I made my moves. Then 16 board on the last game. I found it just as easy to hit 16 board as it is to hit 8 where I bowl at.

I got off track but the reason to bowl at a place that kind of forces you to bowl in a different area is because when the time comes that you have to bowl at your normal house in an area your not use to, you won't have the confidence to play in that area and try to force yourself to stay in your comfort zone. The only way I could practice like this at my home center is if I bowled probably 20 games on 1 lane. I have to have the entire track burned up so I would be forced to move left. It can be sort of mimicked with a worn down house shot. The problem with that is that oil from the left part of the lane can be worn down too and then lots of carry down thus not allowing the ball to hook at the end of the pattern. I had major backend in Marshall today.

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