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 Post subject: 8 Split Conversions in a 3 game series
 Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 4:00 am Post Number: #1 Post
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want to hear an interesting night of bowling? I'm subbing for a bowler having an elbow operation for the next 3 weeks on Wednesdays.

So last Wednesday warm-ups go well. seems to be an ok shot. They have me at leadoff so I bowl my first ball and it's a 9 spare no problem. Second ball Big Four. I convert it by sliding the six into the 4 which topples the seven.

The rest of the game is a grind out 190 something. My timing doesn't seem to be very good but my new spare ball looking good so far!

Second game spare turkey 4-6 split. I slide the six into the four like it's nothing! then I leave a pocket 4,7,10. I slide the 4 right into the 10!

I'm clean thru 2 and converted 3 major splits. so I leave a 2, 10 tryin to stay light. yep, those are easy. converted that and a 3,10 by the 6th frame. 7th frame 4, 9. no problem again. almost missed it in front of the 9.

wonder what would have happened if I left a 7, 10?

next day I go practice and leave a big 4. sorry didn't convert it. I slid the six into the 4 it fell and wobbled the 7 almost enough for it to fall.

I know its not historical or anything but, I wonder how many people have converted the big 4 and a 4, 6 in the same 3 game series?

I haven't made the big 4 since who knows when. years ago, but almost twice in the same week and actually did make the 4, 6 three times this week in those splits. new spare ball. I did go 30 clean but it was definitely interesting.

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