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 Post subject: Bowling Ed via e-readers, smart tv, roku etc.
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At the risk of beating a dying horse. I thought I'd throw this out for contemplation and consideration.

This is off of the top of my head. Note the avatar, I'm still looking for a brain.
My aspiration is simply to grow the sport, I am not a business person, so forgive my naivety and ignorance.

Many of you know that Amazon and others serve as a platform for media, among which are magazines. Historically, bowling material such as books and magazines do very poorly.
There are various reasons for that, part of it being perception, part of it being dereliction of duty by the stewards of our sport. Numerous anecdotes abound.

It would benefit the industry and sport if the players in the game:
Made the public aware such assets existed;
Worked together to support such assets and resources;
More knowledgeable customers will result in more business;
This would also lead to some growth as a sport.

For the publishers and would be published, getting on board with Amazon as a cyber distributor via their Kindle products, might be worth investigating.

Periodically, trial periods are opened up that bundle book titles, magazine titles.

Additionally, more and more people are streaming video via smart tv and roku and such.
That arena should be investigated and explored. Potential advertising revenue.
Consider that this can be a world wide distribution. Technology if not now, will in the future
facilitate language translation.

The theory being that in aggregate, the direct and indirect revenue streams would make this viable. Maybe carve out a bigger niche for our sport. More exposure, more awareness etc.

If you sell 10,000 widgets for a price, but can sell hundreds of thousands, albeit for a lesser unit price, at some point you are making more money.


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