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 Post subject: Rare Awards or achievements that most people are capable of
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I didn't have enough space in the topic but the topic should be: What are some Rare Awards or achievements (since USBC doesn't give them out any more), that either you have recieved or seen done. I am not talking about 900 series etc, which 99% of the people won't ever get.

I found this patch laying in a drawer. I must have gotten it in 2005. I am not sure what I even bowled to get that. I know that I haven't ever been close to ever getting that again. Most of my games are atleast 10 pins away from each other. ... mD5io4.jpg

Achievements I have never gotten before that have eluded me include the 7 10 split , the big 4 (I believe they had patches for those). I think the rarest one is probably that triplicate patch. I haven't ever seen anyone come close to get that myself. I have seen the big 4 picked up, never the 7 10. I am not sure what other rare patches they used to have. Oh another one I never got, an all spare game, I know they had a patch for that, a dutch 200, I never had that, got probably to the 8th frame but never got that. I believe this could be an interesting topic.

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