Bowling mental game (what exactly does that mean)

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Bowling mental game (what exactly does that mean)

Post by krava » May 31st, 2018, 8:47 am

I read once in a book back in I think late 1980s that bowling was more mental then it was physical and I don't remember the exact percentages.

So someone explain to me what happened here.

On April 14th at 12:30pm, a tornado came through, uprooted a tree in the next door neighbors house and threw the tree on top of the house basically caving in the roof and attic and the tree branch was through the house. The house is a total loss. We didn't have insurance on the house because they wanted the garage fixed and I didn't want to throw money into that just to get house insurance. I take care of my mom and my uncle and that was my grand mothers house. Water poured in, in several rooms and power had to be shut off and I called the fire department etc. A long story short. There are 2 trees (the neighbors one with massive damage) and one in the other room (our tree but no where as much damage) on the house. I was thinking that the house was going to cave in or that it will fall down due to the weight and the storms coming. There was also the threat of another storm coming that could do the same thing. (it did produce 3in of rain in one night around the 20th).

I had to bowl on 18th of April (4 days after this). I was homeless, I had a large threat of a big storm coming and I had to get everything out of the house or as much as I could before it fell down. I had no power in the house to even see. I had no help. I had a "drunk" mom to deal with at the time. I had family that wouldn't let us stay with them. 2 people had 500K plus houses, 1 of them lived alone, the other with their husband. I was promised the next door neighbor would move the tree off the house and atleast put a tarp on it and he never did and still hasn't done it.
Article: ... 525204002/" onclick=";return false;

Proof is here: ... gn=welcome" onclick=";return false;

That is a horrible picture and they won't let you add more to it.

So with all that going on in my head and stressed out to all hell, I went bowling because I didn't want to let my partner down.

I told him all that is going on and I probably wouldn't do any good and asked him if he wanted me to bowl or bowl me blind. He told me to do what I wanted and I decided to bowl because if I bowled blind we are already at a 10 pin disadvantage. We were also in first place. My mind during the first game was completely blank. When I was up to 8 in a row I grew more mad each strike. (no idea why). I am not sure if I got 9 or 10 in a row but the next ball after that "jumped" at the breakpoint and hit real high.

Long story short I shot 288 238 and 218 I don't remember exactly I had some missed spares in the last game. ... AAAAD2W6o1" onclick=";return false;

score sheet is here: ... r/14/99817" onclick=";return false;

There was absolutely no mental game I don't think in this. I believe this is the 3rd highest I ever shot.

I don't want to do another post but I do have a question. How often do you need to bowl so that you don't lose muscle memory? I don't have a place to store bowling balls so I can't practice at all (they are in storage). I took a month off and then went back bowling with no practice. I shot 200 then shot 2 240's in a row. So starting this new season with 229 average. I didn't know what I was doing wrong in the 1st game and took the 2nd game to remember. ... AAAAECziM1" onclick=";return false;

I was going to post this the night I did this but been busy. As I type this I am still in a hotel single room with 3 people and I am sleeping on an air mattress. I am trying to close on a house to get back to normal. So right now I don't have time to think about bowling with all this stuff going on. I wanted to go and get trained at the IRTC but that will be a dream now since all this mess I have to deal with.

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Re: Bowling mental game (what exactly does that mean)

Post by 44boyd » May 31st, 2018, 2:54 pm

Glad you’re alive, use bowling as an outlet. Don’t worry about your game right now. Just bowl and enjoy a mental break from life. Bowling this month has an article about the mental stuff. ... me-part-3/" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Bowling mental game (what exactly does that mean)

Post by boomer » June 5th, 2018, 4:18 pm

I think a lot of this is relaxing and doing an "unmental" game - you're stressed, crap is happening, and you go bowling and can turn off the majority of what's going on in your brain so you just roll the ball and think about bowling things.

You LET your muscle memory deal with things. :)

That has happened to me quite a few times. Enjoy it!

I can't say how much you have to bowl to keep or gain muscle memory - remember, if you bowl a LOT, without someone there to keep an eye on you, you have a lot of potential to learn BAD things. . .

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Re: Bowling mental game (what exactly does that mean)

Post by SomyP » June 7th, 2018, 12:20 pm

Muscle memory depending on how long you have been bowling is going to stay there for quite a while. It's a matter of not learning bad habits which we all have a tendency to do. What's great is that you are alive and well.

All I can say is have fun. Just focus on the positive of bowling and doing your best. "To become the best version of ourselves we have to overcome the worst version of ourselves." That's a quote I've come up with when I was having a tough year going through a lot and bowling was the only way I could shut off the stress of life.

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Re: Bowling mental game (what exactly does that mean)

Post by rrb6699 » June 7th, 2018, 3:10 pm

you bowled good because of your mental attitude! you were not expecting good results so, you were actually bowling at a time where you didn't care about results. you were just there so you wouldn't let anyone down.

it was all mental if you think about it. just not the way you usually approach the game mentally.
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Re: Bowling mental game (what exactly does that mean)

Post by kajmk » June 7th, 2018, 8:13 pm

Bowling should be a diversion and escape from the important things you have to deal with.

Krava, you might try reaching out to TonyPR, his entire homeland was ravaged by a hurricane, has suffered recurrent power outages, 4600 or so deaths.
Things are still not back to normal there, who knows if and when they ever will be.

The forum wiki contains several references.
See Coaching, Mental Game Toolbox.
Also note several videos on YouTube USBC look for Dr Dean Hinitz.

Post#2 has an attachment showing the Tom Kouros Bowling tree, lists physical and mental facets.

viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10407&hilit=tree" onclick=";return false;

Good luck and stay safe ...
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Re: Bowling mental game (what exactly does that mean)

Post by krava » June 8th, 2018, 5:00 am

tonyPR was and probably still in a bad situation, looks like HI is under bad things also.

I think boomer might be right. Bad news again today. ADT wants their money even though I was with them 7 years and after I just renewed 2 days later, the house gets destroyed and they want their entire amount that I would pay if I had their service and they hounded me about it but hopefully got that fixed today. Then Cashnet.usa or some place that gives out loans over the internet calls me for the 3rd time in 2 years telling me to pay the loan that I was suppose to have gotten (which is a fraud loan that I never applied for), telling me that they are going to take me to court etc. Then after I have signed 2 loans for the house preapproved once for FHA loan for 4.3% and then another conventional loan for 4.87 and then today telling me that no way they can pass that even though they approved them so they are having me go to 25% down on the house and 5.5% (6.5% buy down +$3500, to get it down to 5.5) bank statement loan. Bowled today and completely forgot about all that mess and shot better then what I did on this day.

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