Awesome Bowling T-Shirts

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Awesome Bowling T-Shirts

Post by OneGoodCop » November 14th, 2019, 10:45 pm

Hi Everyone! I am a lifelong bowler and I have designed some funny new shirts for the bowling world. I have many designs to roll out (pun intended), but until I sell 10 shirts, Amazon is only letting me post 3 distinct designs. As of this posting I have only sold three shirts (which is not great). So help me get the word out please!! So I can sell 7 more!! And unleash more designs!!

Thanks so much. And let me know what you think of them.
(I will donate $1 per shirt sold back to if you REPLY and tell me you bought one)

Link to store: ... 7141123011


The rules of the game say you have to take them, so why be ashamed? Embrace the Brooklyn side. Don't even adjust to find the "real" pocket. Wear this comfortable tee to your next league night and the answer to, "Are you gonna' take that?", will be right there on your chest. Heck yes I am ... proudly.

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Re: Awesome Bowling T-Shirts

Post by krava » November 15th, 2019, 8:12 am

I looked this up on an image search and couldn't find one. That is a unique shirt and a good idea. You will probably sell those to someone that is wanting a bowling shirt. You might want to put that on ebay. I do ebay sales and haven't dealt with amazon.

I personally wouldn't ever get that particular one. I don't like Brooklyn's and to be more honest, I don't like any strike I get that I don't throw the ball correctly. If I miss by lets say 2 boards and strike, you will see me shake my head no, no. But I haven't seen anyone in our bowling alley ever do that. Most everyone will take anything they get and be happy they got it. (that was said to give you input of why someone might not want it)

Also, maybe have them in different colors. Maybe white.

I am adding this after I clicked on your link. The sandbagging shirt I don't like at all. I don't see how someone can do that. This is the definition that I found online "A league or tournament bowler who intentionally bowls lower than their capabilities for purposes of loosing or lowering their average is considered sandbagging or called a sandbagger." what is the point in bowling lower then your capabilities? You won't learn anything. I thought tonight was my last night to bowl as good as possible. To bowl as good as possible to me, means this. Take the best equipment you can (the equipment you think you need for the lanes), also make sure it is in good shape (proper gritt, deoil etc). Find the best line to the pocket you can and shoot as if you were in a tournament. Even doing that tonight I failed to get my average once. For instance 2nd game. 1st ball Solid 10 (missed spare), 2nd ball Solid 8, 3rd ball Solid 10 (missed spare), 10th frame pocket 7 10. I am used to missing 1 spare per 3 games and tonight was 2 spares per game 4 10's, 1 4 pin and a 7 10. I missed the pin by 1 board at most at the pin. Very frustrating after getting about 15 in a row lately. I missed 4 and picked up 3-4. My idea of sandbagging is probably a different term. 2 different ways of making the lanes harder. #1 bring in equipment that I don't usually use but still good enough to use. But I still want it with the proper gritt on it with a variety of options (heavy oil ball, medium, light oil ball etc). #2 intentionally play like 2 different lines. 1 lane play 5 or inside of 5, 2nd lane play 3rd for 4th arrow. But it has to be a good line and good ball reaction for that line. Also every spare shot needs to be shot as if it was in a tournament and not missed intentionally. I don't want to deal with someone that intentionally bowls bad so they can win a lot of $$ at a major tournament such as a 14 state tournament etc. I don't know how they do it but they should watch how the person bowls and if they have a "pro's Delivery and have a 160 average they should be thrown out. I just read this: " onclick=";return false; I personally don't know anyone in our house that does that. That isn't a good shirt I don't think for anyone.

Now that 10 pin wanted dead or alive shirt is really good. That would be something that I would wear. As above that thing pissed me off today something horrible. 3 different balls and even changing my line still had to deal with that. I hit the 1-3 pocket (somewhere in the pocket) 34/35 shots [struck out in 10th twice today] (1 wasn't paying attention once, almost threw the ball into the gutter to the right and then left a 7 count. This was in after a XX and then I caught myself day dreaming while bowling and then XXX after that. Shot 182 190 186 mainly because of that damn 10 pin. I went into the night thinking we have a BYE and no one else plays the 2nd arrow. I will start out going 10 to 8 and in and then move left as needed opening it up. Practice shot 7/8 shots and 7X. Started with the first 2X then solid 10s started and things went downhill. Sorry for all the extra added stuff the 10 pin thing set me off.

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