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 Post subject: Added Over/Under to Glossary
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Used Rob Mautner's post

Here is the Glossary Link and a copy of the text ... ... as_Wet/Dry

Over/Under also known as Wet/Dry: (Derived from a forum post by Rob Mautner -

viewtopic.php?p=92643#p92643 )
Over/Under conditions, also called wet/dry is where the ball skids too much in the

oil and hooks too violently in the dry. It can be caused by various things including

maintenance or lack thereof of the oil machine, and changes in the weather;

particularly humidity. The best advice I've ever hear for playing wet/dry conditions

came from former US Senior Open Champion, Ron Mohr. Basically what he said was that

when you encounter a wet/dry condition you have two choices: play in the wet, or play

in the dry and choose your equipment accordingly. He added that those bowlers who try

to play the oil line on a wet/dry condition can expect to lose 20 pins a game to the

field. Good advice!

[[Category: Glossary]]

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