Efficient athletic performance - good template for success

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Efficient athletic performance - good template for success

Post by kajmk » January 30th, 2019, 7:36 pm

Coach Jim Merrell has posted videos of Verity executing drills.
Just for fun I looked for some footage of Verity in competition.
Its been my opinion since I've watched pro bowling that women are more technically sound and efficient then men. Many men might be better off using this young lady as a bowling role model. Be that as it may, here are some words by Jim and a of Verity in match play.

Jim Merrell wrote -
Getting athletes to look professional in the Foul line Drill is easy, the next natural progression is the
Swing & Slide Drill. Now the body is moving and most of their compensations show up.

The most efficient athlete I have ever seen is Verity Crawley. This young lady is 5’2” and very petite, yet delivers a very powerful ball without any compensations!


On efficiency copied from an old post
A Reporter once asked golfer Sam Snead, "I never seem to be able to drive the ball very far or where I want it , why is that?" Sam replied, that's because I swing the ball with effortless power while you swing with powerless effort."

In an old movie "The Crusades" there is a scene where King Richard has an audience with Saladin. Trying to impress Saladin, Richard wields his sword cutting an iron bar in two. Saladin summons one of his soldiers who throws a silk veil into the air, as the veil floats down to the ground, the soldier lets the veil fall on his outstretched sword, when the veil falls on the sword and is cut in two.

King Richard, you have demonstrated the strength of your arm, not the sharpness of your blade.
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