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Coaching Suggestion

Posted: June 23rd, 2017, 2:39 pm
by pjape
I'm going to take John's advice and try to get some coaching first before I start practicing to get ready for fall league.

Now, I was searching for a coach on, but really can't find anyone within driving distance who's not just a Level I or II.

I do know there are very knowledgeable coaches that aren't certified by the USBC, mainly because they don't want to shell out all the money you need to in order to be certified. A coach I worked with over ten years ago was a Gold Level coach, but dropped it for this reason. Oh, and in case someone wonders why I just don't go back to him, it's pretty much because he's very old school. Plus, it's always nice to have another set of eyes.

I'm located in Lancaster, PA, which is in Central PA. I once took a lesson with a guy in Palmyra, PA who was a Gold Level coach, but he must have dropped his certification. Plus, pretty much all he wanted to do was turn me into a cupped wrist cranker. At my age now, that's not going to happen.

So, any suggestions of a good coach who's not "certified" but still competent and not too far away?


Re: Coaching Suggestion

Posted: June 23rd, 2017, 5:00 pm
by kajmk
Hi there. First off, I usually try to get folks to put their location in their profile, though I gather you are in Pennsylvania.
I'd say check out the forum map, also pro shops in the area as sometimes coaches and pro shops have relationships and sometimes they are the same.
Off the top of my head, if you have high school or college bowling, try contacting their coaches, 10:1 they won't be teaching " old school " per se.
Let me mention that I am familiar with the foul line back, backwards linking method, espoused and still taught via Ritger camps. Kelly Kulick works for them.
I always advocate multiple sources and points of view, whether sports or politics or whatever. The ETBF methodology starts at the beginning, their training from what I gather is extensive, if I were young and had the cash, I'd go there and learn.
Sometimes Coaches network so to speak. It never hurts to ask.
As you pointed out, the certification or absence of does not mean a coach is good or bad.
When I certified, the program did Not Teach Coaching in a Laboratory or active way.
Hopefully, they have improved.
I certified, but have never coached, that for various reasons.
Interesting enough, Kegel is launching a coaching 3 day session. If I were young I'd go and try to learn.
Love to see a mentoring system, master and apprentice, hands on.

Good luck and please share your findings and results.