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 Post subject: nose, knee, toe.
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HI, is having nose, knee, toe lined up at release correct? At a recent coaching session coach told me i am leaning to far forward and should have the three in line. I find i have leverage with my head a bit more forward. Plus my thinking is the torso or shoulder where the ball weight is would be better over the knee/toe. Also to get the tilt required to suit the bowler they may need to be more forward.

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 Post subject: Re: nose, knee, toe.
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There are not many absolutes in bowling, everyone's style is different. What I have found is that the further your head is forward of your foot the more pressure/weight you will have on your sliding leg's knee and that could adversely affect it's longevity. The other issue we could find if our head ends up too far forward is that it will prevent proper knee continuation which is one of the key elements in transferring the energy generated on the approach to the ball at delivery. It all depends on how much forward your head is.

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