Jim's Coaching and my feedback. Thanks Jim!

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Jim's Coaching and my feedback. Thanks Jim!

Post by Bdgf99 » June 12th, 2013, 2:41 pm

Jim, I sent you a PM a while ago, figured I could also share my feedback here. Thanks again!

Thank you for your insights. An extra few hours waiting was well worth it. I have a few questions and comments on your insights that will help me as I get out to practice this.

An overview of my adventure this season. I met my new coach after moving to last May and started the season in a huge slump. From that point I revamped my whole game basically starting from Last Labor Day Weekend. After starting the changes which you saw here, I got all new equipment with all different layouts and started learning all of that as well. I have been reading Bowlers Journal and Bowling This Month, I also bought and read a few books by John Jowdy and Joe Slowinski (bowlingknolwdge.info).

I also addressed my feet in general. I went to a foot doctor and found that my left leg is 3/8" shorter than right leg from when I broke my femur as a 9-yr old. I have been using Powerstep foot inserts which also affected my gait and walking on the sides of my feet, I believe this contributed to my issue with my first step.

1) The camera angle makes it hard to see, but it appears you could have a little more forward tilt of the upper body. This is accurate. I was coached several years back to maintain 15 degree spinal tilt. I have probably deviated from this due to the major overhaul in my game this season as explained above.

2) Everything I see from S1 to S3 is acceptable. Cool, thanks! Hope to make it all exceptional soon.

3) From S3 to S4 there is a clockwise rotation of the forearm placing your hand on the side of the ball at the top of your swing. I assume this is from my first step and hip getting in the way of my swing??

4) S5 & S6 shows your knee continuation What can I do about this? Anything to reduce possible knee issues is welcome news.

Back view analysis
1) Set-up at address is acceptable with the exception that I would like to see you position the ball further right (yellow circle). It is currently outside your shoulder line. Yes Sir! I agree.

2) Let’s get that first step in front of the right foot. Two birds….one stone. This move will clear your left hip out of the way and allow the arm and ball to swing back under your shoulder. What will I do with the extra ball speed my freer swing will generate? LOL

3) In B4 you can see the hand on the outside of the ball, it basically maintains this position down and through release. Hope to fix with first step correction.

4) NICE upper body tilt in B5 & B6. I like my finish more than my start.

Joe, overall you have done a pretty good job building your game.
Not bad for 9 months work and learning on the fly. Your feedback has been a nice boost. I want to make this summer count.

My suggestions to go to the next level in order of importance:
1) Work on the footwork, get that first step in front of the right foot. This is often referred to as a Balance Beam Step......self-explanatory.

2) In S4, I would like to see your upper body facing the camera more than the foul line. Work on keeping that right arm more out in front. Opening the upper body should help in maintaining your hand position from S3 to the top. It’s hard if not impossible to have that much height to your back swing without rotating the hand to the side when the body is that square to the foul line.I just started putting my right arm out and adjusting balance arm mechanics in the past two-three weeks. I'm still just breaking the old school stroker habit of off to the side and forget about it. LOL

3) I added SP1 through SP3 to highlight how your current footwork is causing your swing to move away from the head. You do a very nice job from SP5 to SP8 of keeping the ball under the head.[/quote] Thank you, I see that also.

Thank you again for your insights. I will take this to my coach right away.

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