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 Post subject: Is it the weight???
 Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:24 pm Post Number: #1 Post
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Ok, I need some help. About 5-6 weeks ago, I found myself in the hospital fighting a gastric viral infection. I came out of the hospital, 52 pounds, yep, 52 pounds lighter. Needless to say, nothing fits anymore. I have up to 9 pieces of tape in my thumb hole. Nothing feels exactly right. I drilled up a new Brutal with the , 2 sizes down, thumb hole. But my bowling has gone down considerably. In a house where I averaged 230 plus, I know, house shot, to now 213. That was going down before the illness but now I'm just all out of shape with my game. Nothing seems right during the approach. Holding the ball has begun to be confusing as to where and how to hold. It's just rediculous. Is it the weight that has caused my timing to be off, if that is what it is, and could my game have suffered prior to the hospital stay, be due to me starting to get this illness. And above all. how do you fix it. Being a coach you think , no problem, but it is. Or, do i just need a good coach to fix me. When you are shooting low 6's and high 5's in a house where the lefties are averaging 225+ and the righties are at that and higher, it's depressing. thanks for any help you can provide. I went to Mo's class in Jacobus with John Jameson the last of the year and was really happy with what that did for me. After, the game started to get better and better. But then just fell off. thanks again.

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 Post subject: Re: Is it the weight???
 Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:42 pm Post Number: #2 Post
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I had a similar event when I had an illness and loss 50 pounds in less than a month. My strength didn't seem to change too much. But what did change is my endurance. Immediately after getting back to bowling, I started off as usual, but my body wouldn't allow me to keep the physical game I had developed before the illness for anything more than 15 frames. After that, the legs started to go along with my balance at the line and ultimately my consistency.

With the new-found weight loss (whether desired or not) you will need to develop a new physical training regimen (along with a new physical game) that will build up the endurance you previously had. You have lost muscle mass and muscle abilities. Once you gain some level of endurance, you will see your game improve. You may also need a new fit (more than just the thumb) based on this new "you". Take this as a great opportunity to develop the physical side you may have always wanted.

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 Post subject: Re: Is it the weight???
 Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:11 am Post Number: #3 Post
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spmcgivern covered the major effects of your illness and resultant weight loss.

Paraphrasing - Stamina, Strength, Size.

Consider the percentage of your body weight that you lost.

52 pounds, that's 3 16 pound balls, a bucket of chicken, an order of mashed potatoes etc.
That's a lot of weight.

Be fair with yourself and don't expect anything you would not expect from a friend or a loved one. Step out of your shoes so to speak and have some patience with yourself.
You've had a physical set back, in time you will get back to your old self.

If you have old video of yourself, compare it to current video.

I wanted to add a tidbit. I addition to what our friend mentioned, consider the fact that your swing plane may have also been altered since your body dimensions have changed.
A thinner you.

Consider the fact that your muscle memory remembers a different you.

With a 52 pound loss, your shoes probably feel different too :) .

Pace yourself! Think about what a baseball pitcher does in the pre-season. For one thing they pitch less innings building up as the pre-season goes on

I've had injuries and I know they can lead to frustration and other nasty things.
Your illness and SIGNIFICANT weight loss with all it's ripple effects is no different from an injury. There's also the emotional and subconscious aspects, worry, doubt, not feeling adequate and so on.

You might consider a re-grip of an older ball or a plastic ball just to help you groove muscle memory and to watch the new you on video. I believe you do some collegiate coaching?
Make some videos of yourself and put your coaches hat on, watch it with a trusted bowling buddy.

Inch by inch ...

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