Two Handed Bowling Styles: Type "O", Type "P".

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Two Handed Bowling Styles: Type "O", Type "P".

Post by kajmk » January 16th, 2020, 7:46 pm

Coaches and experienced others please weigh in, elaborate.

Source Bowler's Journal Dec 2019 Clinic section
Rick Wiltse of Kegel and Webber University.
Rick took his first coaching class at age 15, Bill Bunetta led the class.
Rich mentioned that coach Ron Hoppe has expressed concern that the bowling industry does not have much written or published about coaching two handers.

Traditional two hander is Type O, Belmonte, Palermaa.

Type P, Jesper Svensson ... ders-game/

More types to come?

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Re: Two Handed Bowling Styles: Type "O", Type "P".

Post by deanchamp » January 19th, 2020, 12:27 pm

Just to elaborate on John's post, the original of the Jesper article was publisehd in May 2016, with the only difference being the addition of the Lesson Plan at the end now.

As for the styles John mentioned, here is some more info from my notes:

Type ‘O’ = Open
Ball in front of the body, walk around the ball with open hips.
Belmo – no hand cock. Hand under the ball.
Belmo – ball loops out to the right as he walks around it and then aligns and drops the ball inside on the downswing.

Type ‘O’ Elements:
Both arms form a circle
Eyes are placed on top of the circle
The line of play passes through the centre of the hand
Hips are open to the line of play

Type ‘P’ = Perpendicular
Perpendicular to the line of movement. 90 degrees.
Hips are responsible for direction of delivery.
Upper body side tilt needed today.
Shoulders rotate up and down (not side to side). Need upper body side tilt to do this.
Hips forward – left shoulder drops, right shoulder goes back.

The ‘P’ elements:
Centre of the hand, Eyes, Elbow - are all over and on the target line

Beyond these elements in the future?
Most 2-handers deliver the ball Open or Perpendicular, or somewhere in between. Most 2-handers don't have great techniques but get away with it due to their ball speed and rev rate creating area and hitting power.

The fundamentals of bowling don't change for either Type or good old fashioned one-handers, especially when it comes to timing and swing plane, so it is hard to envisage a new style of bowling beyond what we have now that wouldn't utilize the established fundamentals. More likely just to be variations based on individuals who have developed their own game like Jesper and Butturff.
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Re: Two Handed Bowling Styles: Type "O", Type "P".

Post by TonyPR » January 21st, 2020, 2:08 pm

Just to add, if an O style two hander slides forward with his or her hips perpendicular to the intended LOP, the circle will misalign left and they will tend to miss left (for a right hander). O style two handers need to have somewhat open hips at delivery, their slide foot will most likely be diagonal and pointed outside the LOP. I see a larger probability if knee and lower back injury in O style two handers than in P style two handers if they do not refine their technique to something similar to Belmo, he is the smoothest O style two hander.

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