Self feedback on Swing and Slide ( 1 step drill )

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Self feedback on Swing and Slide ( 1 step drill )

Post by kajmk » February 18th, 2019, 4:16 pm

Your opinions regarding the following would be appreciated.
My rationale is to facilitate feedback to the person performing the drill.

Using a straight ball zero axis rotation release -
Combine the following 2 drills

Drill 5 Swing and Slide drill of Kegel Teen Masters ... ence_video" onclick=";return false;

With Onder Gurkan's 5:5 drill
download/file.php?id=5977&mode=view" onclick=";return false;

Once "perfected" this could be applied to various focal points and later to cross alley lines.
In essence plotting the points then dotting the dots.

Once "perfected", add different releases.

Goal, optimize the swing slot ...

Just wondering ...
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