Bowling coach in Cincinnati area?

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Bowling coach in Cincinnati area?

Post by paladyr »

I'm looking for a coach! Can anyone recommend someone in the Cincinnati area? I PM'd Jim Merrell as I hear he's a highly recommended coach but I thought I would post and ask in case he is too busy or something.

Me: Bowled a handful of times in my life, then joined a fun league a few months ago and didn't really take it seriously. I bought a fingertip grip bowling ball 3 weeks ago, learned to throw a hook, averaging 170 or so, and now I love bowling! I'd like to get some coaching early in my bowling "career" so I learn how to do it right.

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Re: Bowling coach in Cincinnati area?

Post by Mongo »

If you've contacted Jim, you've started in the right direction.

If you don't mind driving a bit, Andy Parker at Poelking South in Dayton is an excellent coach.
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