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 Post subject: Request regarding Youtube links
 Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:19 pm Post Number: #1 Post
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This is a personal request regarding Youtube videos.

I'd like to suggest that when someone posts a Youtube link, that they include the text title of the link on Youtube. This way one can search for the link via the text title on youtube.
Conside that if you were to use a prefixing scheme, that one could call them up in aggregate when directly on Youtube per se. This also allows a way of viewing a bowlers history or progress.
Of course it's not fool proof, but one can construct fairly unique prefixing schemes.
What do you think??

By prefixing scheme I mean something like "USBC Masters" or Joe Bowler

For Example:

Dave Husted - USBC Hall of Fame Class of 2012

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