Laying out for High Tilt, Speed Dominant player

Which layout is right for me?

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Laying out for High Tilt, Speed Dominant player

Post by MattCosta7 » February 6th, 2010, 8:32 pm

I've been looking at the setup on my sister's equipment and am not too happy about her layout.

Basically, the Shop Operator did very little to learn her game prior to drilling, and she's ended up with a high end ball assym with a .022 interm differential using a basic "label leverage" drilling for a high tracker. By this I mean, it would appear he laid it out with the high track in mind. Pin is .75" right of fingers, .5" below, mb just right of thumb.

Had he looked at her track, he would have seen that her PAP is about 3.5" over, 1.75" up. This overall puts her pin about an inch from her axis point. I did not get drill angles yet, but will do so when I have a protractor.

Her stats are as follows:
Release Speed (measured by counting frame from the foul line to the 15' marker over various shots and plotting them) is between 17.5 and 18.5 mph

Axis Tilt between 33 and 40 degrees

Axis Rotation I estimate at 75-80 degrees, although it is difficult to calculate this with the tilt so high. I ended up offsetting the camera by 35* (to cancel out the tilt) and measured off that new reference point.

Rev count off the hand (actually revs from foul line to 15' mark times 4) about 9-11

RPM rate between 260 and 300

PAP is about 3.5" over, 1.75" up

I have calculated these on 10-12 individual shots, so I left some variance in the results, neglecting the highest and lowest which seemed like outlying statistics

I want to ensure that I have a layout designed for her prior to her purchasing new equipment.

Her current issues from my perspective are most exaggerated by the fact that her axis tilt is very high, and with the pin position currently, she sees almost no real reaction, and often cannot get the ball to pickup a roll through the pocket. Many 5, 5-10, 5-7 leaves (RH).

After going through the Dual Angle Layout articles, suggested drillings on the MoRich website, and online posts, I have put together a "sweet spot" chart for her, and I would just like a second opinion before drilling anything for her.

She shows slight dominance in speed, so I took the possible dual angles 160max-30min and averaged them to 85*

Then, to account for her dominance, I subtract 10 degrees to 75*. Now her high tilt and rotation removing a few more degrees, 20? Leaving a 55* overall angle, with a pin off 4.5-5.5" in order to help bleed off the tilt faster.

As far as ration of drilling angle to VAL angle, i am unsure as to what should be used. I know her ratios will be close, something along the lines of 1.25:1?

I would just like a second set of eyes on this to check my work as I am still new to this process, but I believe I'm starting to get a firm grasp on it.

Am I missing anything, or over/underestimating the changes due to tilt/speed/rpm/rotation?

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