Zero Tilt Bowlers

Which layout is right for me?

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THS Average: 150
Positive Axis Point: 5 3/4" over and 3/8" up
Speed: 18 MPH from foul line
Rev Rate: 400
Axis Tilt: 0
Axis Rotation: 15
Heavy Oil Ball: Columbia 300 Savage
Medium Oil Ball: DV8 Reckless
Light Oil Ball: Brunswick Twist
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Zero Tilt Bowlers

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Any other zero axis tilt bowlers here? What layouts work best for you? Low flare and hook/set layouts have been working well for me.

90 x 1 1/4" x 30, MB on thumb for asyms (Columbia 300 Savage, 500 grit)
90 X 5" x 20 for syms (DV8 Reckless, 1000 grit)
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