Frustration fix or change?!

Which layout is right for me?

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Frustration fix or change?!

Post by davesv8 » February 4th, 2020, 5:45 am

I have been bowling for 30 years, and never really dealt to much with layouts. I have always let my pro shop owner suggest and drill.

Needed Stats:
16.5 speed downlane
7* tilt
Axis - 51/4 across, 5/8 up
350 RPM
Axis rotation of 35*

I have always had a lot of snap on the ball, and lately that is really working against me. Every shot I get on the ball goes through the nose. We recently drilled two balls with the Rico drilling. While this has helped some, it still wants to come up too high on most nights. Every ball I drill seems to have the same reaction (within a few boards). My highly competitive days are past, I am looking to just enjoy league nights and occasional tournaments. Typical line for me is 25-30 at the line and 10 at the breakpoint on a 43ft house shot. I have these balls to play with, I am looking for recommendations to attempt. After 30 years, my wrist is pretty set and attempts to change have been very difficult. If changing is the only option, cool, I just want to get everyone's thoughts to see if I can avoid that.

Global 900 - Flux-Eon Infinte-STC-Honey Badger-WH Badger-Boost-After Dark.
After Dark is currently Rico. Flux is Rico (these two were the last I drilled and wanted to try the layout). Currently the Flux is three boards left at the line and the same reaction as the AD. For two ends of the spectrum, it doesn't give a lot to work with.

Thanks for any advice!

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