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Speed: 17 off my hand
Rev Rate: 325
Axis Tilt: 17
Axis Rotation: 55
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Layout Advice

Post by magicmike » January 12th, 2020, 5:23 pm

Hey All,

Like to bounce things off others on occasion to audit thoughts in my head.

I have a Motiv Alpha Jackal i'm drilling up in the next week or so, ball specs: Strong Solid Cover, Core: RG 2.47 Diff .054 Int Diff .015

Looking at using a control layout on the ball for fresh backends on tougher patterns, ex: Open Championships.

My stats
Ball Speed off my hand is 17mph
Rev Rate is 325rm
Axis Tilt 18*
Axis Rotation 55*
PAP 4-5/8">5/8"^


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