layout for ebonite gb2 mvp 42' oil med heavy volume

Which layout is right for me?

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layout for ebonite gb2 mvp 42' oil med heavy volume

Post by cw90stratos » August 16th, 2019, 1:41 am

15lbs so my speed is high 15ish mph off hand. Experiment ball. Hoping to open up the lines some. transition usually means moving right and tight. Then back to where it starts late in 2nd game. At 6'4 and 260 tight line don't play well.

inside of 13 heavy oil, 7 to 13 med heavy with hang area. 7 and out tweener hell and carry down. Back end continuation is a must, not so much angular hockey stick.

This is a plug and drill to change span and pitches to lower track. praying it works, 10 deg or less as of now.

Going to use Mo's theory as in his vid. It does work witness 1st hand by a teammate. he tracked like me and dropped his track bout 7/16". watched as it was drilled and him rolling it for 2 games. His eqiup. never rolled that good till he tried this. Night and day difference.
right, pap 4 1/2 over 1/2 up. AT 10 AR 60, 16.5 mph off hand, around 325 rpm

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