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 Post subject: Layout for a Phaze 2
 Posted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 3:28 pm Post Number: #1 Post

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Hello, was hoping Eric could give me a layout idea for a Phaze 2 I'm planning on punching up.

Right handed (2 hander)
17-17.5 at the monitor
PAP- 5 5/8> 3/16 down
Initial Axis Rotation- 50*
Axis Tilt- 10*
What surface you want the ball for- Brand new synthetic
What lane condition you are bowling on most of the time - House shot

I have an Idol with a xx-4.5x50 was looking for something just a bit sharper down lane
My idea was xx-4.5x30 would that smaller Val be enough to see just a bit more defined move down lane?



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 Post subject: Re: Layout for a Phaze 2
 Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:58 pm Post Number: #2 Post
BCU Graduate Layouts
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Mike, yes the smaller VAL angle will give a more angular reaction on the backend. To make it even stronger backend shorten the pin to PAP distance to 4"

Eric Hartwell

Right Handed
PAP 4.75" up 1/2"
45* rotation
12* tilt
330 rev rate
16 mph off hand

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